The next Street Market will be on August 4th 2018

Rock On! Welcome to Silverton Street Market 2017

A VERY WARM WELCOME to Silverton Street Market, 2017! This year, Silverton Rocks! As part of our music theme we look forward to some great musical performances, singers, bands and buskers – to join our packed programme of fun and entertainment. All the events and musical items, and when and where they’re happening, are set out in the programme. These are subject to change so see the Events Page and

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Beer launch

What do hops, a pop and some fancy dress have to do with Silverton Street Market? answer: Exe Valley Brewery are launching their celebratory brew ‘Top of the Hops’ in their brewery bar on the 24th June. Each year the Exe Valley Brewery craft a unique beer to support Silverton Street Market. This year, as the Street Market theme is ‘music’ the brewery have created a

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2017 Beer!

Beer is full of goodness and some would argue that barley and hops should count as two out of the necessary five a day! Top of the Hops isn’t being brewed yet but if it is as good as last years superb Luvvly Jubbilee it will indeed be a treat for the palate. Exe Valley Brewery are one of the Street Market sponsors so

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