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2017 Beer!

Beer is full of goodness and some would argue that barley and hops should count as two out of the necessary five a day! Top of the Hops isn’t being brewed yet but if it is as good as last years superb Luvvly Jubbilee it will indeed be a treat for the palate. Exe Valley Brewery are one of the Street Market sponsors so

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2017 Theme Reveal…

We had a great meeting the other evening and decided that the theme for 2017 will be Music. The exact title might vary a bit to something like: “Silverton Rocks” but it is basically Music! We’re having lots of ideas including Bands, Choirs, a “Big Sing”, a Songwriting Contest and of course lots of dressing-up as David Bowie, Mozart and Pavarotti! Please use Facebook to

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Website Issues

As some of you may have noticed we had some issues with our website recently. Unfortunately we basically had to remake the website from scratch (and yes we are now backing our site up properly!!) If you do notice anything wrong please let us know by emailing We hope this didn’t cause you too much of an issue – remember it’s not too

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