The theme this year is Silverton Sands Beach Party and everyone is invited! Street Market has always been a village event and it is the village and its outlying neighbours that make it such a warm and wonderful day. The Theme is a way of creating a uniquely different atmosphere every year, but we need people to take on activities to help achieve this atmosphere. Could you and your family run a ‘pin the tail on the donkey game’? Could you organise a ‘best beach hat competition’? Have you got any ideas for ‘message in a bottle’ ?? Any and all ideas are really welcome . All funds will support your chosen local group.

In terms of the day’s programme a lot has already been achieved and stalls are booking up fast on our fantastic new interactive web site: food stalls like Devon Dogs, Pink Cloud Crepes, Pizza, Grillers in the Mist, Ginger Pig Company along with the thirst quenching ‘Prosecco and Pimms Bar’ who by popular demand are going to include more gin and cocktails this summer. The Exe Valley Brewery are working on this year’s celebratory brew unanimously named ‘Exe on the Beach’. This is due to be launched at the beginning of July.

There is an exciting programme of entertainment planned with old favourites like Punch and Judy, face painting, Dan the Hat. Also theme specific activities like a limbo or volleyball competition, a giant deckchair, treasure hunt around the village…A competition to design the front cover for the programme by local children is already underway.

The day will end with the traditional tug of War on The Little Rec at its usual time of 4.30. The evening event which starts at 7pm is really taking shape with ‘Reckless’ and Lazy Snacks booked, along with a Hog Roast and in house bar. Tickets prices are being held at £7.50.

Street Market meets once a month at 8pm in The Lamb Inn. Please come along and share your ideas. The next meeting is on Wednesday the 24th of April.

This year, make Silverton Beach Party Your Beach Party.

Forget the rain that is lashing down, abandon the bare trees and dark grey clouds and the cold which is still to come and imagine it is a beautiful sunny day and you are on the beach. Now see yourself on a hot sunny day in August, in Silverton. Yes, that’s it, August 3rd 2019 Silverton Sands, because Street Market is throwing a beach party and everyone is invited.

Last year over 2,500 people came to the Street Market raising over £6,000 which was shared out with all the participating groups and organisations. Feedback from Food sellers is that they had a brilliant day and stallholders were pleased with the crowds and their sales. Let’s make it even better next year, maybe reach the target of £7,000?

Details have yet to be finalised but ideas so far, and some are more sensible than others, include: a volleyball competition, Punch and Judy show, sandcastle and sand sculpture competition, best beachware/ sunglasses/swimming hat on Silverton Sands, coconut shy, most original message in a bottle, pin the tail on the donkey or guess the number of matchsticks in the lovely galleon.  Any and all suggestions are welcome. please send them to Andy Mathers, Street Market Chair :  Come in fancy dress and you could win a prize.

Following on from the success in 2017 there will be another fantastic evening event which Suzanne and her team are already organising. Plans so far include a hog roast, 3 popular bands and an in house bar.

Will you be beach ready for Silverton Sands Beach Party, Saturday 3rd August 2019?

We’ve overhauled our booking system for 2019, and instead of you just asking for a stall and hoping for the best, this year you can choose exactly which stall you want ahead of time, and pay for it up front. No more waiting and wondering, no more cheques and bank transfers, we’ve gone all high tec and PayPal!

You can access the new system here, and full details are available as to how to book online. Bookings are coming in thick and fast, so you might want to get your skates on!

The theme this year is “Beach Party”, and whilst we’re still planning the nitty gritty you can be sure of lots of cool drinks, cool people – and cool stalls to browse at 🙂

Less than a week to go now until the annual Silverton Street Market! Along with a wide assortment of stalls in the Red, Blue, Yellow & Green zones lining the village’s narrow main street, there is entertainment and fun for all the family, ranging from bouncy castles and child-friendly activities and entertainment on the Little Rec, to food stalls and pop-up bars for the adults!

This year the theme is “Wild South West”, so expect bucking broncos, silly hats, and possibly even some line dancing. Why not come dressed up for our Fancy Dress competition, make sure you buy some raffle tickets as we have over 40 prizes this year, and (of course!) stay for our Tug-of-War at 4pm.

Previously described as “The best value day-out in Devon” it should be a cracking day, with the latest forecasts suggesting we’ll have bright sunshine and 26°C! Make sure you bring a hat (Cowboy/girl for preference), and keep yourself well hydrated.

Entrance is £2.50 per adult, 50p per child, with ample free parking in the village. All money raised goes to support village charities and community organisations.

P.S. Many thanks to our generous sponsors

Is it really only 18 days until the Silverton Street Market? Time flies! Must be all this hot weather, we’re all having too much fun in the sun I reckon.

On that note, we’ll have just the thing to cool you down come Saturday the 4th, our Street Market beer – Silverado. Some of us had the chance to taste the first batch up at the Exe Valley Brewery, and it was everything we’d hoped for. A deep golden beer, smooth and hoppy, with a tropical citrus finish. It’ll be served on the little rec, alongside the Prosecco bar, and just a stone’s throw away from all our lovely food sellers. Make sure you pop over and try and pint, you won’t be disappointed.

What a lovely colour! Silverado, the Silverton Street Market Beer


A few locals enjoying the first barrel of Silverado (except the little one, of course – only cola for him)


The Exe Valley Brewery “Pop Up the Hill” events are well worth a visit – look out for the sign on the Silverton – Butterleigh road

Every year the Exe Valley Brewery creates a special brew for the annual village Street Market, and this year is no different. Today brewing began on “Silverado”, a hoppy 4.5% beer, which should be the ideal accompaniment to a sunny stroll down Fore street come August the 4th, and a perfect partner for all those burgers and sausages at the Little Rec. 54 firkins worth of beer is now brewing, including a tasty selection of 4 hops (Challenger, Cluster, Magnum and Idaho 7), with the guys hard at work from 6:30 onwards. You’ll be able to taste it at the brewery itself on Saturday the 30th of June, when they host they’re monthly “Pop Up The Hill” event. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the beer being made to wet your appetite.

And finally … how about an endless supply of beer to pep up your social media posts? Try this animated GIF, it never runs out 🙂

Whilst we have some fantastic stallholders coming this year, filling the main street with a wide selection of wonderful things to purchase, Silverton Street Market wouldn’t be the same without all the entertainment we lay on. This year it’ll be mostly happening on the ‘Little Rec’, the smaller green space in the centre of the village opposite the shops. Plans are ongoing, but so far we can confirm the following:

Crediton Town Band

Crediton Town Band are a non-contesting brass band who concentrate on playing concerts and engagements throughout the year. They are a mixture of local people of all ages and playing abilities who enjoy playing music together.

Punch and Judy

A celebration of new and traditional routines featuring all the favourite characters, evoking memories of sunny summer days – at any time of the year!

Dan the Hat

Dan has been performing for the last 15 years, all over the World. He has worked at Festivals , on Stages and on the Streets in front of thousands of people. His quick wit and on the button ‘improv’ silliness is a sure fire hit with any audience!

Odd Sox

George Nixs – one of the best-known “live” entertainers for clubs, pubs & events throughout the South West – and Mark are OddSox, a duo that delivers a massive repertoire for every taste and every age-group.


Bucking Bronco Rodeo, suitable for ages from Eleven years and over.


Living amongst the narrow lanes and wooded valleys of Mid-Devon it is hard to imagine what life was like in the Wild West, where distances were vast and the sky endless. Cattle were moved in huge numbers, sometimes as many as 3,000 beasts, west across America to the Pacific Coast. Cowboys and pioneers spent a lot of slow time moving on the range and on the many trails westward. To pass the time, numerous songs and ballads were made up and sung along the way.

Cowboys shooting buffalo in the wild west

Cowboys shooting buffalo in the Wild West

This astonishing period in American history, known as the Wild West or the American Frontier, began in 1865 just after the American Civil War, and finished around 1895. The frontier area west of the Mississippi River during the late 1800s included the territories of Dakota, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Colorado. The untamed territories were noted for their lawlessness, which gave rise to wild, rowdy, unrestrained, disorderly, and unruly behaviour -which is what made for such great stories in print and on screen.

The lawlessness of the time provided plenty of drama, and the lonely windswept territories, mountainous and arid, provided the cinematic backdrop. Add to this the frenzied rush for gold in California, the combination of settlers, miners, displaced native Americans and cattle drovers, it all made for a heady and often violent mix.

Fighting in a Wild West bar

Fighting in a Wild West bar

Silverton Street Market, rowdy, unrestrained and lawless it is not, but come along on the day, Saturday August 4th, and experience some of the nostalgia, the fun and the excitement of The Wild West. We’ve got some great food lined up, plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained, and a bucking bronco competition for the brave … or possibly foolhardy. There’s also a fantastic selection of stalls from paintings to pottery, and flapjacks to flannels, music and dancing, and of course our traditional tug of war at the end of the day.

With echoes of ‘Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild Frontier’ ringing in your ears, you won’t need to visit Texas, Wyoming, or Arizona, just come on down to Silverton Street Market on 4th August and experience the Wild West in all its iconic glory!

Plans for Children’s entertainment are well underway – make your own sheriff’s badge, get your face painted, have a glitter tattoo, jump on the bouncy castle, explore the Play Bus, join in with Dan the Hat or relax and watch the Punch and Judy show. All this while parents enjoy the Pimms and Prosecco bar or a lovely pint of this year’s celebratory brew from the Exe Valley brewery, which we’re calling ‘Silverado’.

And they’ll be plenty to do for grown ups too. Perhaps with a bit of dutch courage on board you’ll be ready to challenge the bucking bronco … and, after a few more, challenge the bucking bronco again! They’ll be a leader board, and a prize for the most resilient cowboy or cowgirl.

When you’re hungry, try out one of the chuck wagons that will be open all day. At the moment we’ll definitely be having the usual delicious burgers, but are also lining up many others including pizzas, crepes, Thai and more.

Entertainment is a vital ingredient of the day, and so are the various market stalls that will line the main traffic free Silverton Streets. Everything from jewellery to antiques, homemade cakes, organic veg, perfumes and potions, handcrafted gifts and works of art. If you have an idea for a stall, perhaps with a ‘wild west’ theme, then why not make a booking at our Want a stall? webpage.

The raffle will be at the usual time of 3.30pm then gather on the ‘Little Rec’ for the ever popular tug of war at 4pm. This year there’s a bar extension so join in with the Hoedown which will start immediately after the tug of war. Come on down and join in the fun!

It’s official – the theme for this years annual Silverton Street Market is … Wild South West!

In what might be a new record for the committee, a decision was reached in well under an hour. Sorry to those who had their hopes pinned on something else, but there’s always next year. In the meantime, it’s on with the bucking bronco, line dancing, western themed beer (more of that in another post), and of course (hopefully) some great costumes on the day. If nothing else, the committee will be resplendent – or possibly ridiculous – in the most bizarre set of hats you can imagine.

Now where did I leave my horse … Hi Yo, Silver, away!