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Whether you have had a stall with us before or if this is your first time (where have you been the last 10 years!) please take a short amount of time to read through the following information to get an idea of the days events. All Stalls must be booked and paid for in advance of the day, we advise booking as early as possible as spaces can get booked up early.

New booking process for 2019

For 2019 we are introducing a new method for booking stalls which we hope will make the process easier for both the Street Market Committee and for stall holders. Instead of simply asking for a stall, and then being allocated somewhere much later in the year, stall holders will instead be able to select from a plan of the Street Market which stall they would like to book, and then pay for it instantly, therefore securing their spot ahead of time and having the peace of mind of knowing where they will be placed. As this is the first time we have tried this process, there will obviously be some teething troubles, but please bear with us and we will try to accommodate everyone’s needs as best we can.

In the first instance we have set up maps of the stalls as they were in 2017/18. Obviously with purchases being made immediately this is a first come first served model, but we will try and respect long standing stall holders wishes as much as possible. Bear in mind, however, that all those who work for the Street Market are volunteers with limited free time to spend organising Street Market matters.

Along with this change we have also decided to simplify the zones. Instead of the old Red, Blue, Green and Yellow zones we are going with the simpler The Square (old red zone), Newcourt Road (at the edge of the old red zone), Fore Street South (old blue zone) and Fore Street North (old yellow/green zones). As before, all stalls should be no more than 3m deep. Please note that there is no longer an individual ‘green’ zone, instead the few 2m deep stalls within Fore Street North have been colour coded green to make them stand out.

All prices have been held at their 2017/18 levels:

  • The Square is £17 per metre
  • Newcourt Road is £15 per metre
  • Fore Street South is £15 per metre
  • Fore Street North is £12 per metre (please note that there are also a few 2m deep stalls priced at £8 per metre). We offer a 25% discount for charities within Fore Street North, please contact us for more details.

The new booking system is now live. Please go to https://silverton.org.uk/opencart/ to book your stall for 2019.

Below is the overall plan of the Street Market area. Please note the direction arrows, this is for the early morning arrival.

Overall map of the Street Market