Enjoying “Silverado”, our Street Market Beer

Is it really only 18 days until the Silverton Street Market? Time flies! Must be all this hot weather, we’re all having too much fun in the sun I reckon.

On that note, we’ll have just the thing to cool you down come Saturday the 4th, our Street Market beer – Silverado. Some of us had the chance to taste the first batch up at the Exe Valley Brewery, and it was everything we’d hoped for. A deep golden beer, smooth and hoppy, with a tropical citrus finish. It’ll be served on the little rec, alongside the Prosecco bar, and just a stone’s throw away from all our lovely food sellers. Make sure you pop over and try and pint, you won’t be disappointed.

What a lovely colour! Silverado, the Silverton Street Market Beer


A few locals enjoying the first barrel of Silverado (except the little one, of course – only cola for him)


The Exe Valley Brewery “Pop Up the Hill” events are well worth a visit – look out for the sign on the Silverton – Butterleigh road

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