Exe on the Beach – The beer for Silverton Street Market 2019

Exe Valley Brewery has been brewing a special beer to support Silverton Street Market for about 25 years. Guy Sheppard, the owner of Exe Valley Brewery, says that he is delighted to help support this annual village event. As a business in the community it is a great to be able to do something for the village with the products that we make.

Silverton Street Market 2019 is on Saturday 3rd August and this year has a Beach Party theme. Various names for the beer were suggested with “Exe on the Beach” being chosen as the favourite.  Head Brewer James Fryer has formulated the recipe for the beer with the Beach Party theme in mind; with the beach being such a part of the traditional British holiday he will be brewing the beer with Maris Otter malt, a very traditional old British barley variety, but to capture the feel of a Beach Party the hops will be from around the world, Magnum, Cluster and Idaho 7 hops which will give the beer a tropical flavour.

At 3.9% abv, Exe on the Beach will be an easy drinking, light gold beer with a tropical zesty flavour – it will be available in local pubs from 1st July and of course you will be able to find it in Silverton itself at the Street Market on Saturday 3rd August.

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