Record Year for Silverton Street Market!

Last week the 2018-19 committee met for our final meeting of the year, where we discuss how things went on the day and find out just how much money we raised for our local organisations. Lots of thanks needs to go out to all the stallholders who attended and all the people from far and wide who came to our event and made it such a great day, not to mention all the members of the village who helped. The Street Market is run totally by volunteers, and without them it simply would not happen. So, how much did we make this year then?


Yes, £11,000 in one day, the highest we’ve ever made! Partly due to some clever cost cutting from the committee (not to mention fabulous work on the programme from Gabby), and partly down to the tremendous success of the evening event, we now have more than ever to share amongst the many groups we support. More news of that later.

Want to help out for next year?

So, planning will soon start for next years event, but first of all we have a number of vacancies we really need to fill on the 2019-20 committee. Most notably of all our long standing chairman, Andy Mathers, is standing down after 3 years – and he will be sorely missed. His steadfast guidance and many hours of behind the scenes work has ensured the continued success of the Street Market, but all our attempts at convincing him to stay on have failed! I guess he deserves the break 🙂 So, if you fancy getting involved yourself we currently need to fill the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Entertainment
  • Publicity
  • Scouts Rep

What’s involved?

You’ll need to attend one meeting a month, and depending on the role take some responsibility, along with others, for organising one or more aspects of the Street Market. It’s all be done before, many times, so there’s plenty of guidance to help you along the way. On the day itself the committee normally help out in some capacity, whether checking traffic, manning gates, or just general troubleshooting problems as and when they occur.

Next Meetings

We’re holding our AGM on Tuesday the 29th of October at 8pm in The Lamb, where we’ll be handing out cheques to our beneficiaries, and everyone is welcome to attend. The first official meeting of the 2019-20 committee will be held on the 12th of November at 8pm, again in the The Lamb, so please do come along if you’d like to get involved for 2020. The more the merrier!

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