Enter our Tug of War!

Every year we end our Street Market with the ever popular Tug of War contest on the little rec, and in recent years we’ve been inviting more and more groups to come along and take part themselves. Whilst we’ve always had our stalwarts, the local pubs, who in the past have put teams together and competed for the title, lately we’ve had a lot more ‘scratch’ teams competing which has been lots of fun.

This year we’ve decided to try and formalise things a little, so instead of just relying on people to shout on the day (which is still allowed, by the way!) we’re also offering the chance to enter your team name ahead of time. That way we can try and plan a bit better, as organising a lot of teams on the spur of the moment can take some time.

If you’d like to enter a team please complete the form below, turn up at 4pm on the little rec, and we’ll call you to come up and compete as and when we’re ready.