Previous Street Markets (since 1991!)

Silverton Street Market has now been going for getting on for 25 years. People can remember specific years for various reasons but because of the very nature of committees and the lack of Central Storage we do not have an archive as such. This then will be an ongoing project as people raid their photo albums, etc. If you have any old memorabilia such as news clippings, photos, committee minutes please get in touch.

Year Theme Year Theme
1991 Hats 2007 Silverton-on-Sea
1992 2008 Heroes and Villains
1993 Tropical 2009 Carnival
1994 2010 Musicals
1995 The Caribbean 2011 ‘Tis Devon, Glorious Devon
1996 The Wild West 2012 Silly Olympics
1997 Summer of Love and The Swinging Sixties 2013 Myths and Legends of Silvertonshire
1998 Space 2014 Space
1999 Mardi Gras 2015 Circus
2000 Circus 2016 Silverton Jubilee
2001 Cancelled due to Foot and Mouth 2017 Silverton Rocks!
2002 Costa del Silvaton (Spanish Silverton) 2018 Wild South West
2003 Films and Movies 2019 Beach Party
2004 Medieval 2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19
2005 1940’s theme 2021 Cancelled due to Covid-19
2006 Egyptian theme 2022 Roaring 20s

On a sunny June afternoon, myself (Sonia) and my friend Janine, set off to Bickleigh Street Market with our children. We had such a great time there and returning to Silverton we stopped at the Silverton Inn for a drink and got talking to the regulars. Janine and I got our thinking caps on and thought: we can also do what Bickleigh have achieved.
So we printed out 800 leaflets and hand-billed the whole of Silverton village proposing a meeting in the Silverton Inn. Out of 800 houses, 25 people came to the meeting! 8 of us then formed a committee. being:-
Sonia Hill (Joint-Chairperson), my children still talk about the trailer rides, those signs still haunt us! But it was all worth it as the Street Market is still going today, what a team!
Janine Jackson-Bruce (Joint-Chairperson) brilliant friend, and “barbecue queen” and so much tenderness.
Carrie Martin, Cubs and Scouts Lady so dedicated. It being Carries birthday on the first Street Market, what fun we had!
Pam Parson our Ice-cream Lady and so so so much more and sadly missed,
Eric Gray, he was so brilliant, got us loads of stalls and supplied us with electric, tea and coffee. We could not have done it without him. Where are you now? Im sure I still see you in the village?
Jane Serrell, our Secretary-Treasurer. What more can I say?
Peter and Celia Gristwood came to the meeting. Because they were new to the village, they did not know what had hit them, but what hard work they did for us and such good friends we all became. Peter marked out the road for the stalls and their list of chores was endless. Celia kept us all calm and made us tick off all the endless list of what to do. What a god-send Celia was what a tonic thanks Celia.
It was all such fun. Long many it continue.
From Sonia and the first Street Market Team

1991 The theme was Hats. This was the first Street Market. To read Sonia Hills description of how it all began Click here. There are some press cuttings and some photos taken during the day Link to main album of photos and other scans here

1992 Still not sure what the theme was but thanks to Gill & the late Ron Bamforth, here are some photos.

1993 The theme has been revealed as Tropical. Heres a poster by Nick Beck. Link to main album of photos (including somebody in a GORILLA suit!), again from Gill & Ron

1994 Perhaps the early 90s was like the sixties. If you were there you dont remember it! The fact of the matter is: we need photos etc.

1995 The theme in 1995 was Caribbean. Again thanks to Gill & Ron, we now have a few photos of the market and also of the French band playing on the Eurothrash stage outside the community hall. This was not strictly Street Market but our then twinned village, Plogastel St. Germain, had come over for the market, made crepes and entertained us with music. On the Sunday after, the stage from the previous evenings event was still in place, so we held a Twinning Supper with music.
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

1996 Organisation for the market was handled for 96 and 97 by the combined committees of the PTA and the Youth Club. In 1996 the theme was The Wild West and there were helpful contributions fromBig_Chief_Falling_Down_Water Silvertons in Texas and Colorado.
1996 was the first year Exe Valley Brewery brewed a special beer for Street Market. Known as Big Chiefs Falling Down Water, this was the beginning of a tradition that continues to this day.
A young Ross Andrew designed the basic logo that featured on all publicity material.
Big Chief White Eagle and his Tribe of Nations set up his Teepee on the Little Rec. There are various photos of the day here. Press the forward and backward arrows to move on the Picasa page.
The evening event was mooted at one time to be The Sweets  25th anniversary gig; the then lead singer of Andy Scotts Sweet  being resident in the village. This wasnt to be, however, but Silverstock 96 with Red Hot and the Sun Spots was a success  Poster here.

1997  This was Silvertons Summer of Love and The Swinging Sixties and the village partied in big style! A planning application was actually made to Mid Devon DC in the name of a fictitious Indonesia based company called JALDIDY. Just a liitle dab will do ya was the catchphrase for Brylcream and JALDIDYs Dr Cal Melberry had found vast deposits of Brylcream in the strata to the north of the village. This was to be used to power Silvertons entry into the Space Race and transported using a rather large tanker down the main street which was to be flooded to become a canal. Quite a lot of this nonsense was based around anagrams and re-ordered versions of SILVERTON STREET MARKET were used as a publicity tool. (List of anagrams here) Dr Cal himself, as well as being an anagram of Brylcream, bore a striking resemblance to a former treasurer of the village schools PTA.

Exe Valley Brewerys beer in this year was called Draft Dodgers in fitting tribute to the young Americans whod had the good sense to help shorten the Vietnam War. Some nice pics including this one of the late Richard Jones here and onwards thanks to Gill & the late Ron Bamforth.
Rag Committees had been a big part in the student movement and Silverton Produced its own Rag Mag in that year containing all sorts! Scans here and click on the right arrow on the Google Photos page to move through the Rag Mag.

August 2nd 1997 ended with a fitting tribute to the Summer of Love with a party in the Community Hall car park called Lovestock 97 (click on the right arrow on the Google Photos page to move through). Two lorry trailers were parked side by side to make a stage and various bands performed including Exeters Dirty Money and The Bastardos Bros. Dave Parsons of that band played a Hendrix inspired version of God Save The Queen. Remember Star Spangled Banner?
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

1998 was the year of Space. Thanks to Gill & the late Ron, we now have a few photos of the market here. We could still do with a lot more info. Photos and other memorabilia please.

1999 The theme in the last year of the 20th century was Mardi Gras. The kids from Silverton School made some really lovely heads to decorate the street. These, at the last count, are still in the Community Hall. A few photos here but more needed. Please!
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2000 There are a good few photos for this years Circus theme. Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2001 was a sad year for our rural communities due to Foot and Mouth. Who can forget the funeral pyre images? Because of the restrictions the decision was taken to severely reduce the size of the market and hold a Silverton Alternative Market in the Big Rec. We still made sure we had fun even though it rained quite a lot! Photos and other memorabilia please!

2002 A forgotten era in Silvertons past came to light in 2002. A professor at the Universidad de Málaga, Manuel de Nuevacorte , had contacted Silvertonians with a claim that the pretty Mid-Devon village has historical ties with his country dating back to the reign of our Elizabeth 1st. His ancestors ship had been part of the Armada and they had been shipwrecked BeerElTorooff Exmouth. Could the full story be true? Make up your own mind! Childrens version or the true version!

The Spanish theme for 2002 knew few bounds with streets, etc. being re-named  Lots of posters etc. here, here, here, and  here,. Highlights of the day included a worrying display of trick-cycling and Flamenco dancing.
The Evening Event, Fiesta De La Noche, unfortunately saw the Street Market Committee cross swords with the Parish Council resulting in a well subscribed petition. With the benefit of hindsight this was probably due to a misunderstanding but we eventually got our licence.  A London soul band, Sentivo, had been booked to play but ended up arriving an hour late due to turning right at Bristol rather than left! Great band though and Jamie and helpers put on a great show.
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2003 The Movies was the theme for 2003 and Silverton buzzed with characters from all the various films. Elvis of course starred in many and he made a guest appearance.Lord of the beers hope02

Exe Valleys beer was Lord of the Beers. Rejected versions here and here. Tug o War , general market photos, scans of the programme, posters and newspaper are in the main album.
In the evening Honest Johns Big Band played in the Millennium Hall.
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2004 Medieval was the order of the day in 2004 with knights in armour, jesters and ladies of the court as well as various locals being sponsored to have water bombs thrown at them in the stocks.Exe Calibre beer
Various press cuttings, etc. are in the album together with photos.
There was also a fire safety fear in October of that year. Old thatched cottages and fire not being compatible.
Link to main album of photos and other scans here.

2005 The theme for 2005 was the 1940s and especially 1945. We could do with some more for this year please. Email if you have anything
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2006 Mummies and pyramids brought 2006s Egyptian theme to life.
Ramesses Revenge BeerThe committee upset the Highways Dept. by placing a large white pyramid on the grass verge in Rewe.
Photos of the day here including press cuttings, etc.
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2007 saw Silverton as an Island Paradise with the theme being Silverton-On-Sea. There was even a beach!
Walk the Plank beerWe could do with some photos for this year please. Email if you have anything
Link to main album of photos and other scans here

2008 There are lots of photos for 2008 with its Heroes and Villains theme and the fancy dress parade was spectacular.

SBeer label 2008ee the photos here. Tug o War here and onwards. some press cuttings here
Link to main album of photos and other scans here.

2009 Carnival was the theme for 2009 and again the fancy dress standard was excellent.

CarnivalKingBeerSilverton Drama Group put on a Panto in the Little Rec (here and onwards) which proved very popular and the Tug o War (here and onwards) caused much excitement and nail biting. Photos here and onwards.
Link to main album of photos and other scans here2010 Musicals was the theme for 2010.

soundofmaxine2Silverton Drama Group put on a Panto Maria The Musical on the Old Hall Site. Photos of that and other entertainment here and of the poster here.
To view pictures of stalls click here.
The Tug-of-War was fiercely fought as usual with The Lamb winning again. For pictures of that click here.
There is also an album of tee shirts, posters and other images here

2011 “Tis Devon, Glorious Devon” was the theme for 2011 and a good time was had by all. Major changes were made to the entrance using straw bales rather than nasty Herras fencing. The BBQ became a nice cafe area and the menu was extended to include paella, kebabs plus croissants and pain chocolat for breakfast.

silvertonpride_1Street Heat (photos here), the Exeter based Samba Band, provided an amazing display of drumming whilst our own drama group performed a Summer Panto (photos here).
The Tug-of-war was again won by the Lamb (photos here)
We had a great variety of stalls with many joining in with the Devon theme (photos are here).
There was also a local craft tent with lace-making, book-binding, stained glass, guitar making, bee-keeping and thatching demonstrations showing just some of the skills from the village. Pictures of these and other general scenes can be seen here.
The poster and other imagery can be seen here.

2012 Silverton taught London a thing or two about how to run an event. The theme was: “Silly Olympics”.

hop-skip-pump-1Links to some day pics here.
The entries for the Extreme Ironing event can be seen here
The poster and other imagery can be seen here.
Photos of most of the stalls for 2012 can be seen here
We don’t have much in the way of photos or videos of the Tug-of-war or other events. If you have any that you would be happy to share, please email

2013 was the year of the Myths and Legends of Silvertonshire. We had Dragons, Hobbits and all things Middle Earthsilvers-myth-croppedAdrian Bolt designed a stunning poster and this also featured in a newly designed flag depicting the Killerton Dragon. Link to 2013 Silverton Street Market images album here.

Exe Valley Brewerys beer was named Silvers Myth and the Live Action Role group Heart-of-Pargon did not need much help entering into the spirit and fun of Street Market. The Hobb-Eat BBQ fed creatures all and sundry while the giant slide and bouncing castle kept little ones happy. Link to main album here.

Stall-holders also entered into the spirit of the dayStall photos here  The Tug-of-War was as exciting as ever. Pictures here. There were some interesting T-of-W kit choices in terms of head and foot-ware from Heart of Pargon.

2014 took its theme of Space to the fifth dimension and beyond! Exe Valley Brewerys Ale-ien beer was of course the colour of Aliens Blood (green stupid!) and ale-ien-3many extra-terrestrial beings were to be spotted feeling very much at home in the village! Some of them didnt seem to mind the quick shower. There was also a visit from Obama and his brilliant all-terrain wheelchair-friendly buggy. (Further information here)

Entertainment was provided by Magic Kev, The Somerset Paddies (outside the Lamb) and the superb Velvet & Stone on the Old Hall Site.

There was a great selection of over a hundred stalls in 2014 See photos here. The day concluded with the Tug-of War which might have been won by the team from the Lamb! See photos here.

2015  was the year of Circus and The Silverton Luvvies, especially took the theme very seriously with ringmasters and clowns (1) clowns (2)  popping up wherever you looked! Dan the Hat and big-top-6Magic Kev kept children of all ages entertained in the Little Rec while the Somerset Paddies and The Crediton Town Band entertained outside The Lamb and on the Old Hall Site respectively. Exe Valley Brewerys beer Big Top was available in the pubs and from their Pop-up Pub on the Little Rec. and the Bar-B-Q did a sterling job of feeding the 5000. Link to 2015 General photos here

As ever there was a great selection of stalls. Link to Stall Photos here.

A new addition to the entertainment which was great fun was the Wacky Races which The Luvvies put on as a predule to the ever popular Tug-of-War.

2017 was our music year, Silverton Rocks! We had some great musical performances, singers, bands and buskers joining our packed programme of fun and entertainment.