Ideas for Fancy Dress

Put on your glad rags for Street Market this year!

Here are a few images to get the creative juices going. From Adele to Stevie Wonder and from Bach to Harry Styles there are thousands of stars into whose gladrags, hairstyles and makeup you could step into! Failing that, come as a trumpet (pics to follow!) There are plenty of places to hire or buy outfits.

All rights of images respected.

Cliff Richard Adele  Judy Garland and friends in the Wizard of Oz Johann Sebastian Bach Barry Manilow Alice Cooper Beyonce Madonna David BowieCilla Black Micheal Jackson Alicia Keys Keith Richards     Dolly Parton Freddie Mercury Chuck Berry Bob Marley Mick Jagger Stevie Wonder Prince Amy Winehouse  Doris Day  Dusty Springfield  Frank Sinatra Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer Harry Styles Fred Astaire Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Prince Ludwig van Beethoven Ozzy Osbourne Miles Davis Elvis Presley John Lennon Elton John Ed Sheeran Lady Gaga